‘I KNOW HE’LL BE ANGRY’ Alice Evans says she’s ‘scared’ of ‘liar’ ex Ioan Gruffudd after he files for divorce

'I KNOW HE’LL BE ANGRY' Alice Evans says she’s ‘scared’ of ‘liar’ ex Ioan Gruffudd after he files for divorce

ACTOR Ioan Gruffud’s wife Alice Evans said she was “scared” when she called her ex a “liar.”

She posted an emotional Instagram post after claiming her husband caught her by secretly filing for divorce.

Actress Alice wrote this morning: “I can’t sleep. Not a wink. I’m terrified of what tomorrow will bring me.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m fully aware of how pathetic this sounds.

“I’m going to make things worse. Are you the thing that scares me the most? That’s who the girl is. I know! Why? Why does it matter?

“I’m afraid my daughters will be disappointed with their father’s behavior and shape him in his future relationships with the opposite sex.

“(I didn’t find out my dad was an idiot until I was 32 and I’m convinced that made me the woman I am today. After a certain age they can’t take that away from you!”

“I am also scared of my ex-husband’s response to commenting on his sudden decision to serve me. I know he will be angry (he is still angry, he was born angry).”

She added: “I couldn’t believe how many people told me to accept it ‘with dignity’. What is dignity?

“I think ‘dignity’ is a way of covering up our own pain. I think dignity is a way that other people tell us to shut up, because they don’t want to think about our pain.”

In another post, he mentioned that his ex is still in control of his Twitter password. She continued, “And what’s worse, there are women all over the world who will NEVER have a voice, who will be killed for speaking out.

“So I’m sorry, but fuck your discomfort with my lack of dignity. Fuck your cheap jokes about” she didn’t know! ” ”

“I come here to share an experience that almost broke me (but won’t) and to be honest with the use of x it made me want to die.”

Alice then has her own account of her children’s reaction when she told them about the divorce.

She wrote: “My 7 year old came to his parents and kindly, almost as a joke, but intentionally he showed her the article where he said his father had filed for divorce from his mother in Superior Court. from Los Angeles. and he didn’t I did. “He told us so, so he probably hadn’t told her either, so we just let it know and she ran off screaming” No! No! My dad would NEVER do that to my mom. ”

“(At this point, I imagine that some mothers who do NOT believe in telling their children the truth will object most of the time. That’s okay. My ex-husband believes in lies rather than to hard truths.

He concluded, “I think Hsiang ran out of milk.”

Last night, The Sun viewed documents revealing that Ioan, 47, had filed documents in Los Angeles Superior Court to formally end his 13-year marriage.

After the news broke, Alice claimed that she took legal action without telling him.

Sharing a post about the impending divorce, Alice wrote on Instagram: “Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know, I guess.”

In January, Alice, 49, claimed that the liar star Ioan had “abandoned” her and her two daughters after saying he “didn’t love her anymore.”

She broke the news to fans in a since deleted post on Twitter, explaining that her husband had given very few details about her decision.

She wrote: “Sad news. My beloved 20 year old husband / soulmate Ioan Gruffudd has announced that he will be leaving his family starting next week.

“Our daughters and I are very confused and sad. They didn’t give us a reason except that he ‘doesn’t love me anymore’.

The couple have been married since 2007 and have two daughters, Ella, 11, and Elsie, seven.

It is not known if the couple, who have two children together, had signed a prenuptial agreement.

Alice, who met Ioan on the set of the 2000 film 102 Dalmatians, accused him of “lighting the gas” and “mentally torturing her”, adding that she was “very confused and sad” in a touching statement.

Ioan later said, “Look, like I said before, this is an extremely difficult time for the family.

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