Top free E-mail providers: How much space you get, attachment size you can send, and other neat features of each

Top free E-mail providers: How much space you get, attachment size you can send, and other neat features of each

There are several free email service providers out there, and each has unique advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, most modern email services offer protection against spam and phishing emails. You also get a stylish panel that adapts to your business and professional needs. Here are the 10 best free email services you can trust.

Gmail is one of the world’s most widely used email services, provided and operated by Google. You can send and receive email, view attachments, and join Hangouts Meet. The best thing about Gmail is that it automatically separates emails from your inbox into “Main”, “Social” and “Promotions”. Gmail automatically blocks phishing emails and also sends spam emails to the spam folder.

Outlook is a free email service provided by Microsoft. This is the primary email service that you receive on Windows devices. Outlook also comes with software like Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Office 365. You get a built-in calendar that helps you stay organized and schedule your meetings. Outlook is known for its enterprise level security and that is why it is preferred by professionals and businessmen.

ICloud messaging
iCloud Mail is the primary email service provided by Apple to its users. It is considered to be one of the most secure messaging services for accessing IMAP. iCloud comes with a convenient yet transparent user interface that Apple users have come to expect. You can use your iCloud email ID on Apple and Windows devices. You can also search for new emails and sort them in the inbox. The special thing about iCloud Mail is that it automatically loads HTML images when you use its app.

Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! Mail is a free email service that offers large 1TB of storage and comes with easy signup steps. You can easily customize the look of your inbox by selecting themes. Yahoo! It is preferred by many because it allows you to use animated GIFs for better expressions of feelings. A mobile app is also available so you can access your emails even on the go.

ProtonMail is an open source messaging service offered by scientists at MIT and CERN. It is one of the most secure email providers protected by Swiss privacy law. The interface is elegant and the emails you send or receive are end-to-end encrypted. You do not need to enter your personal information to open an account. You can access the service in your web browser without installing the software.

Zoho Mail
Zoho Mail is one of the preferred email services for businesses due to its secure hosting and personalized user experience. It offers fast and hassle-free protection against spam and fake emails. You can use the control panel to change settings and appearance. The e-Discovery function allows you to find e-mails quickly. Zoho Mail allows you to attach comments in discussion threads, manage tasks, and tag organizational teams.

AOL Courier
AOL Mail is one of the oldest and is a free webmail service offered by Verizon Communications. You get a streamlined user interface where you can manage your AOL calendar. The mobile app lets you access your inbox even on the go. You can even customize the list view of your sent and received emails to organize the dashboard the way you want. You get a personalized dashboard to focus on your work and business.

GMX messaging
GMX stands for Global Mail eXchange and is one such email service provider that offers advertising functionality. You can access GMX Mail through POP3 and IMAP4 webmail protocols. The drag and drop capability helps you manage your dashboard and calendar. You get a built-in online address book to keep track of all your contacts. GMX’s high security feature and strict filtering algorithm prevent phishing emails from reaching your inbox and keep it clean.

Yandex Mail
Yandex is a reputable company that offers secure messaging service that allows you to access all Yandex services with one account. You can change the appearance of the table according to your preferences. Yandex’s high security feature protects you from spam and fraudulent emails. You can set a timer for your emails to schedule when you want to write and send them in advance. Automatically scans for viruses and sends questionable emails to your spam folder.

HubSpot is a free, easy-to-use email service with a drag-and-drop editor that lets you customize your email the way you want. You can even select templates from the built-in library for faster drafting of emails. HubSpot lets you send personalized emails with complete privacy and data protection. You can send your emails from CRM and edit content with ease. HubSpot uses machine learning to respond and respond to emails quickly.

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