“Have Been Putting a Lot of Effort”: Stefanos Tsitsipas Opens Up on His New Digital Video Series

“Have Been Putting a Lot of Effort”: Stefanos Tsitsipas Opens Up on His New Digital Video Series

The 22-year-old Greek god Stefanos Tsitsipas is one of the most charismatic figures in tennis. He is also a man whose mission is to do things his way.

As a result, the world No.6 launched his YouTube video blogging channel, and he seems to be as dedicated to vlogging as he is to tennis. Currently at the Rotterdam Open 2021, the second favorite has discussed his new video series “Dear Fans” with Tennis Channel.

Stefanos Tsitsipas does it all alone
Stefanos Tsitsipas clarified that no one other than himself was the mind and hands behind his vlogs. “I put a lot of effort and a lot of work into it,” Tsitsipas told Essentially Sports. “And I’m the one who edits the videos, I’m the one who has the ideas. People think I have a team behind me, which is not true or not at all correct. ”

To take his stories to the next level and offer more revealing content, the Greek player joined the Tennis Channel. He even revealed that “Dear Fans” will be available exclusively on his channel.

“I wanted to intensify it, I wanted to add something more to it. And I give you a warning, I am very happy with this collaboration ”, added the Greek professional.

Additionally, he explained the reason for making episodes with the Tennis Channel and said it was to “give a perspective and an opportunity for fans to see deeper and see me better.”

Ultimately, Tsitsipas wants to tell stories, share great ideas, and take people to beautiful places with him.

Tsitsipas can beat Roger Federer in ATP ranking
Tsitsipas is currently 35 points behind Roger Federer in the ATP rankings. It is therefore likely that he will regain 5th place, the highest of his career, at the ATP 500 Rotterdam Open.

20-time Grand Slam champion Federer is currently counting down the days until his return to the ATP 250 Qatar Open. The odds are therefore again in favor of the Greek professional to get ahead of the “king”.

Interestingly, many consider Tsitsipas to be the next Federer, given his alluring one-handed backhand and effortless style of play. In addition, he has everything it takes to become a great player.

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